Information Society Technologies to Open Knowledge for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The ISTOK-SOYUZ Project is a special support action co-funded by the FP7 ICT programme of the European Commission.

The ISTOK-SOYUZ project, based on the sound outcomes and lessons learnt of ISTOK.Ru project (www.istok-ru.eu) implemented in Russia in 2006-2008, will expand ISTOK experience to the Eastern Europe & Central Asia (below: EECA) countries, identifying and promoting visibility of mutual RTD potential and collaboration opportunities.

Target countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia

The overall objective of the ISTOK-SOYUZ project is to explore new opportunities for ICT collaboration between EU and Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries and to foster the EU ICT programme awareness activities in order to increase the number of the international collaboration projects involving partners from EECA countries.


ISTOK-SOYUZ Support for partnership building

The ISTOK-SOYUZ project intends to provide hands-on support to potential partners in order to maximize chances for potential collaboration and to increase the number of joint FP7 projects between the EU and EECA organizations from five targeted countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan).

We provide:

  • Assistance in European partner(-s) search to:

· discuss (test) the proposed idea (who may be interested in)

· build/complete a consortium

· support the integration within an existing consortium 

  • Assistance for integration to European teams that have ideas where our competences (described in section B  of the Help Form) would be relevant
  • Assistance for contacting with identified/potential partner (-s)
  • Consultancy assistance on the participation in the FP7.
 Teams looking for ISTOK-SOYUZ support should fill the here attached Help Form and send it back to:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download ISTOK-SOYUZ Help Form

Training Guide for newcommers in EU funded ICT research projects 

Training Guide "Getting started with the EU ICT Research" is available for all the beginners in EU funded ICT projects. It could be useful with ideas, best practices and advices for participation in the EU ICT research programmes. The Guide was published in English by SCUBE-ICT, the clustering project of ISTOKO-SOYUZ.

(source: http://www.scube-ict.eu/index.php/usefulmaterial/cat_view/13-scube-ict-information )

The Guide was prepared also in Russian by the ISTOK-SOYUZ. It was extended with 2 additional practical guides on CORDIS and IDEAL-IST and EU-RU ICT taxonomy.